A Guide to Opening Your First Office Space

Setting up your first office is always one of the most challenging parts when opening a business. Not only will it be an integral part of your daily transactions, it will also be centre where your clients would reach out to you. Which is why you need the best office designers Sydney to stage it as the most ideal workspace possible. Aside from the looks, you need to make your space workable as well.

There are several things that you have to keep in mind while preparing your first business space. These are the crucial things that you can’t just miss out on. Here is a guide to keep you in check before opening your first workplace.

Size and Arrangement

The first of your concern should focus on the size of the whole area. How big is the space that you can set up on? You have to consider this even before you start purchasing machines and equipment or even before you contact Sydney office designers. Remember that the size of your soon-to-be headquarters will be the basis for the number of tables, computers, and other necessities that should be added to your office.

Aside from that, the arrangements possible for the fixtures would also depend on the actual area. Find office designers Sydney experts that can work with the size of your place to ensure that you get the best possible arrangement.

Sound Proofing and Decoration

Once the structure has been settled, the next of your worries is the soundproofing and the decoration. Decors do not just mean frames and potted flowers. This also includes the colour of the paint to be used, to have a carpet or not, and other ornaments. Office designers Sydney specialists can give you an insight of what’s best for your workplace taking into consideration the nature of your business. Your decorations should be able to mirror the kind of service or product that you are offering. Click here Avenue Interior Systems for more details.

Furthermore, you may also want to consider soundproofing your space. You want your employees to focus on their job and not get distracted by any outside noise. There are several office designers in Sydney that specialises in soundproofing in line with office decorating. Avenue Interior Systems, for example, offers this type of service Australia-wide.

Wiring and Security

Last but definitely not the least is the wiring of all your appliances as well as the security of your entire workplace. Contact necessary technicians to ensure that all the electrical and system wires installed in your space are durable and safe. Make sure that you have enough outlets for your machines and that these outlets can accommodate the load you are going to use.

In addition to that, you should install security precautions such as locks, CCTVs, and other necessary equipment. You can even consider hiring your very own guard for all-around protection.

The factors above should be your primary concern when opening your first office. Remember them as you finalise your preparations with the office designers Sydney experts you teamed up with. Make magic in your office space to keep your business at its top game. For more information, visit at http://avenueis.com.au/commercial-office-interior-designers-sydney/

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A Simple Buying Guide for Your Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are generally the ultimate space savers and perfectly suited for families with kids. When it comes to purchasing a bunk bed, there are various styles that you can choose from. Every style generally comes with unique features like shelving and even unique drawers. When you are out in the market shopping around for bunk beds, there are certain styles as well as features that you need to keep in mind.

The Main Bunk Bed Styles

The main bunk bed styles that you can choose in the market include the following:

  • Standard styles
  • Loft style
  • Futon
  • Trundle

The standard style is amongst the most common in many homes. Under this, you can find various styles such as the twin bed over a twin bed, the twin bed over full bed and the full bed over full bed styles.

In the loft style of bunk beds, there is one bed that is perched on top of a desk, open space as well as a set of drawers. Sometimes, there is a lofted bed that is perched on a perpendicular bed in a configuration often called the L-shaped bunk bed. In case the room is even smaller and the space is precious, you can go for a slimmer profile bunk bed.

Trundle style is another bunk bed option that you can choose. In this case, there is a third bed that can fit in beneath the bottom bunk bed. This can be pulled off and can allow the third person to sleep in there without taking too much floor space.

In the futon style, there is the lofted bed that is perched on top of a futon allowing the bottom bunk to be used as a sofa during the day while at night, this can be converted into a sleeping space. This kind of configuration will create a nice hangout during the day, especially for the teenagers.

The bunk bed styles are not fixed, however. In some kid-oriented bunk bed styles, there are certain play features including tents and slides. Some can also come with built-in storage including drawers, shelves and desks.

Taking Measurements for Bunk Beds

When you are planning to buy a bunk bed, there are certain important measurements that you need to take in order to ensure your bed will be a perfect fit. These include the following:

  • Height from Floor to Ceiling. Bunk beds generally measure anywhere from 5.5feet to 6 feet. When you are buying bunk beds, you need to carry out measurements from the floor to the ceiling in order to ensure that there are at least 2 feet of space between the ceiling and the top of the bunk bed. The last thing you want is bumping your head on the ceiling every night while sleeping.
  • The Floor Space. Carry out proper measurements of the room space to ensure the bunk bed will fit in adequately including with extra features such as drawers. There are certain bunk bed types that require extra spaces like the L-shaped bunk beds.

Also, before you purchase the bunk beds, ensure that the features such as ladders are stable and well secured before you put the bed into use. If kids will be sleeping on the top bunk bed or some wild sleepers, then it is advisable to purchase one which has guard rails.

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